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Consultancy – Communications Campaign/ Assets Development

Applications open now till 17 June 2024



The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) was founded in 1952 and currently has 150 Member Associations (MAs) and Collaborative Partners with a presence in over 146 countries. IPPF is a global healthcare provider and a leading advocate of sexual and reproductive health and rights for all with the vision that all people are free to make choices about their sexuality and well-being, in a world free from discrimination. IPPF recognises that the achievement of the highest attainable standard of sexual and reproductive health is not possible when gender equality and human rights are not respected, protected and fulfilled.  


IPPF advocates a human rights-based, client-centred, ‘do-no-harm’ approach to providing healthcare and supporting all survivors affected by Sexual and Gender-based Violence (SGBV) and is dedicated to scaling up work at the community level, including humanitarian contexts, to prevent and respond to the needs of all survivors. This includes providing quality and accessible first-line clinical support and referrals for clinical, psychosocial and protection services (SGBV services delivery component) as well as shifting social norms that are the root cause of SGBV, contributing to behavioral change and community mobilization against SGBV initiatives (SGBV programming component). To support integrating quality SGBV care in every clinic as part of the IPPF Integrated Package of Essential Services (IPES) through providing survivor-centred first-line clinical support to survivors of violence and having referral mechanisms for clinical, psychosocial and protection services. To support the implementation of the updated Client-Centred Clinical Guidelines for Sexual and Reproductive Health Care (20221) and the new Institutional Guidelines 2023-2028 IPPF is developing a series of information, education and communication resources for Member Associations.  

Scope of work 

The consultant(s) will develop unique graphics that can be used in various medium. These must be in line with IPPF brand guidelines and the IPPF Sexual and Gender-based Violence Communications Guidance for Member Association (2022). 

Key deliverables 

1. Individual graphics/vectors that we insert into various IEC resources (e.g. PowerPoints. Canva Pro etc). 

 Approximately 36 unique graphics or vectors on sexual and gender-based violence that are inclusive and showcase the diverse nature of IPPF Members Association to be used in various print, media, and social media resources. For example, there would be approximately six individual ‘graphics’ that include illustrating: i) an adult survivor, ii) an adolescent survivor, iii) a diverse SOGIESC survivor, iv) a survivor living with disability, v) a survivor during an emergency/humanitarian crisis, vi) a female health provider and each graphic would be contextualised for the i) Africa, ii) Asia, iii) Arab world, iv) Latin America, v) Pacific regions and vi) a ‘generic’ version. 

2. Editable posters that the key messages and translations can be added to. 

Produce a series of A4 coloured posters on sexual and gender-based violence message topics that can be edited for text/translations. Each message topic should have a version that is contextualised for the i) Africa, ii) Asia, iii) Arab World, iv) Latin America, v) Pacific regions and vi) a ‘generic’ version. For example, the message topics may include: 

  • Message for the health clinic to advise clients that first-line clinical support to survivors of violence and referrals for clinical, psychosocial and protection services is available. 
  • Message on SGBV for community outreach/information & education sessions (that could be used by clinicians and non-clinicians). 
  • Message on SGBV during Emergencies (e.g. how to access support during MISP response/mobile clinics). 
  • Message for peer-educators / youth volunteers on working with adolescent and youth survivors. 
  • Message for supporting diverse survivors - physical impairment. 
  • Message for supporting diverse survivors - visual impairment. 
  • Message for supporting diverse survivors - diverse SOGIE inclusion. 
  • Message for safe referrals of survivors (that would include the national helpline and/or service providers details). 

Specific Skills:

  • Expert illustration skills, with experience of taking concept to end product.

Application process 

Consultants interested in this role with a demonstrable experience in outlined skill set, should provide:  

  • A brief cover letter (no more than two pages) outlining their experience against the requirements listed above and their quote to complete the work  
  • A CV describing relevant experience for this role including examples of previous work in relation to the TOR 
  • Financial proposal. Fees must be quoted in USD or GPB. Please indicate daily rate and number of days’ work, as part of your financial proposal. Fees should exclude VAT. Where indicated VAT should be shown separately and indicated separately on invoices. 
  • Indicative work plan 

Please submit your application to [email protected] with the subject “Consultancy – Communications Campaign/ Assets Development”. Deadline for submission is 17 June 2024.