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Diverse SOGIESC Inclusion Self-Assessment Toolkit

IPPF Diverse SOGIESC Inclusion Self-Assessment Toolkit and Diverse SOGIESC Inclusion Facilitators’ Training Manual. 

The new SOGIESC Self-Assessment Toolkit honours the commitments of IPPF's new Strategy 2028 – that is to widen access to SRH to marginalised communities. This toolkit is aimed to support MAs to reach out to the diverse SOGIESC community as they face discrimination, violence, and exclusion, and in some cases, criminalisation just for existing. They are often excluded in all parts of their life; from access to housing, employment, education, healthcare, and more - and with this in mind, these toolkits were developed, ensuring no one gets left behind. 

The Diverse SOGIESC Self-Assessment Toolkit allows for the MAs to assess the current status of their programmes with regard to diverse SOGIESC inclusion, and to develop a Diverse SOGIESC Inclusion Programme. This toolkit is not meant as a one-off assessment, but one the MAs can implement periodically to fully visualise the status of Diverse SOGIESC inclusion in their respective MAs as well as highlight the gaps and barriers to Diverse SOGIESC inclusion and what else can be done to ensure that no one gets left behind. In addition, the Diverse SOGIESC Inclusion Training Manual is designed to enhance knowledge on diversity of SOGIESC and create a conceptual and knowledge foundation upon which MA inclusion strategies are to be built. This will ensure that MAs are better equipped when rolling out this Self-Assessment Toolkit in their respective settings. 

IPPF commits to providing safe and quality care for people who are unjustly excluded and marginalised by focusing on the SRHR needs of gender diverse and LGBTIQ+ communities. These toolkits will continue the Federations’ support for IPPF's MAs in building capacities to better serve gender diverse people. 


15 March 2023